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The Zoggs Triton Goggle is a new goggle from Zoggs that can be worn but majority of face shapes. The large lenses allows the eye piece to sit further away from your eye socket which makes it more comfortable to wear for longer. Having a fixed nose bridge means that there is no weak point and if it fits you well, you will have no need to adjust it. The Triton goggle really is a classic design that has been around for a long time and this is due to the fact that it fits so many face shapes. The tinted lenses allow you to swim outside, its like wearing a pair of sunglasses or you can choose the clear lens that are great for night swimming or indoors. Available in 3 great colours   

Note: Please note that most goggles come with an antifog coating which you can not see. You must never touch the inside of your swimming goggles as the anti-fog coating will come off very extremely easily from as little as your finger touching the lens to a tissue being wiped on the inside. If you do touch or wipe the inside of your swimming goggle, it will look scratched and almost blistered. This is the anti fog coating coming off. To prevent this, simply place your goggles in the water before using them, then straight on to your head then once you are down, give them a rinse with fresh water and place somewhere safe. You can purchase goggle cases to keep then safe. If your anti fog starts to come off, you can purchase a spray bottle of anti-fog to re-coat the lenses.

Product Features

  • Double Strap
  • Smoked Lens or Clear lens
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Easy to use buckles
  • UV Protected
  • Anti-Fog coating
  • Low profile
  • Large Eye Piece
  • Comfortable Nose Piece

    Adult - One size fits most

 Care Insturctions

  • Clean in fresh water after every use
  • Do not leave in the direct sunlight
  • Store away in a goggle case
  • Do not touch the inside of the len
  • Do not se harsh chemicals to clean, only fresh water

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