About us

Once upon a time, in a town called Takaka, New Zealand, a girl had a special wish of hers come true. She wished for a magical children's store, so when people young and old came, they would be enchanted with all the beautiful and wondrous things inside.  She searched the world, far and wide for toys that would have the children play, create, and learn for hours and could be passed on for generations to come.  She also travelled to India, Nepal and Thailand where she created playful, fun clothing in natural fibres.  She also made colourful felt mobiles and puppets to brighten the children's rooms.  She then looked high and low for the best footwear so the children could go on fun adventures in comfort and style.  She was delighted as she collected the most amazing things for children and alas........... Grasshopper was born. 


                 Hope you enjoy our online store.