Tiger Tribe - Glitter Tape Art - Sparkle Pop



Colourful, glittery, spot dotty and fun. This kit contains 5 rolls of tape just waiting for you to unleash your creative best on the cut-out cards included. Simply apply strips of the tape on the inside of the card so they show through the cut outs. Striped bunny ears, sparkly parrots or zig zag ice creams - you can run the tape up and down or across, making as many variations on pattern and colour as you like. Either way you end up with a collection of wonderful handmade cards for every fun occasion. Add your own personal message with the glitter gel pen included.

Age 5 years and up
Item no: 00496
Package Dimensions: Approx 19 x 24 x 5 cms
Contents: 6 printed cards with cut out windows, 5 different rolls of glitter tape, 1 glitter gel pen, storage box
Everything you need to create 6 gorgeous custom-made glittering cards
A great gift for budding designers and crafty kids!

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