Thames & Kosmos - Pepper Mint in the Fantastic Underwater Science Voyage



Join Pepper Mint as she sets sail on an expedition to the Bermuda Triangle in this fantastic Underwater Science Voyage! 

Pepper Mint is the heroine in the story, an 11 year old girl whose creativity and cleverness help her find her way through a series of adventures and overcome various challenges. Your kit includes a figurine of Pepper herself, along with her research vessel so that you can play along!

This fun STEM experiment kit features a story that unfolds throughout each chapter of the instruction manual.

  • The experiments teach lessons in mechanical physics, electric circuits, and physical science principles related to water and air.
  • The kit includes materials to build the boat and do the projects, a full-colour illustrated storybook and step-by-step instruction manual, as well as a scale Pepper Mint figurine.
  • There are 9 exciting experiments to conduct along the way as you add to Pepper's research vessel and underwater station.
  • You will build and play with a hydraulic crane, a snapping mechanism, a ship's propeller, and much, much more! When you've reached the end of the story you will find out how to use all of the projects together. Have fun experimenting and playing!
  • Every construction element provides a fun introduction to the basic principles of physics behind it.
  • Your child will learn why water can be used to transmit force, what water is actually made of, and how to safely build an electric circuit!

As the parent or teacher, you can decide in advance which experiments your child can do alone, and where your help is required. 

Example experiments:

  • Pepper Mint discovers that ocean water behaves in strange an unexpected ways. When the onboard systems of her research vessel fail, she figures out how to make simple hydraulic machines and conduct experiments with pressure and density. She constructs a rig to raise and lower the ship's flag, and develops a deep-sea fish with snapping jaws that is modelled using a scissors mechanism!

You will also need the following household items to complete the experiments:

  • A ruler, scissors, sticky tape and craft glue
  • Tap water, water colour paint, paper clips and coins
  • A table spoon, sugar, soap and dishwashing liquid
  • A dish cloth, flathead screwdriver, pencil and 2 x AA batteries

Recommended for ages 8 and up with adult supervision.

Keep the instructions handy for reference at all times.

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