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Sylvanian Families Candy Cart 

Make your Sylvanians a little sweeter with this Candy Cart - as it trundles around Sylvania, it is bound to charm children where ever it goes. This compact shop sells various candies including chocolate, cookies and lollipops.

Just the thing for a family outing or school trip. Whether you like lollies or you prefer chewy candies or maybe even nibbling on a cookie, this is the place to get sweet treats. Its moveable too, so it's ideal for making the most of sunny days by pitching up by the waterside.

  • Approx package dimensions: 18 x 12 x 7 cms
  • Product Code: 5053 
  • Contents: 1 candy cart, 1 scoop, 2 chocolate cans, 4 candy cans, 4 cookie boxes, 16 candies, 12 cookies, 11 lollypops and more
  • Number of pieces: over 55 pieces
  • Figures are not Included

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