Sunflowers Don't Grow In Winter - Emily Holiday



Ziggy decides to plant sunflower seeds in autumn, but everyone knows sunflowers don’t grow in winter. Or do they? Sunflowers Don’t Grow in Winter is a true story of hope, determination, and a little boy’s love of sunflowers.

The first 2,000 copies sold will receive a packet of Koanga Institue sunflower seeds: 6 per packet with a mix of Russian Giants and Lion’s Mane sunflowers for children to plant their own. 

The book also contains search and find the three B’s: bees, butterflies and birds. Plus at the back of the book we have included ‘How to Grow Sunflowers’, some fun facts about sunflowers and how our thoughts are like seeds.

Recommended age: 4 - 10 years


Written by Emily Holdaway from the wildly popular New Zealand blog, Raising Ziggy, now Officially Em

Illustrated by Craig Phillips - international multi-award-winning illustrator.

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