Ooly - Chalk-O-Rama! - 12 Dustless Chalk Crayons



Chalk crayons are great for versatile surfaces like glass, wood, and whiteboards. They also eliminate all of the pesky mess of traditional chalk. Nothing says nostalgia like an artistic original chalk set. Unleash your imagination with Chalk-O-Rama Dustless Chalk Crayons. Start creating today.

WASHABLE: Chalk-O-Ramas will wash off easily on non-porous surfaces like glass and whiteboards but are a bit more permanent on porous surfaces.
DUSTLESS: There’s no more dusty hands with these chalk crayons either because Chalk-O-Ramas are encased in a plastic barrel! No more mess and all you need to do is twist just like lipstick and you’re on your way to colourful creativity.
PORTABLE: Chalk is super easy to use, clean and portable because they’re like writing with a chalk without the hassle. Easily bring with you on any adventure or outing. Durable packaging allows for easy storage and portability. Clean and sleek packaging also makes for a great gift!

3+ Years

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