NZ Fairies | Korowai Fairy 13 cm



The 2023 NZ Maori Korowai Fairy Doll represents a fairy dressed in a kahu huruhuru, a feather cloak.  The word korowai is incorrect for a feather cloak, but is still commonly used in Aotearoa to describe them.

She is one of a series of New Zealand inspired Fairy Dolls and Elves, loved all around the world.  The collection is added to each year.

The Korowai Fairy is approximately 13cm (5 1/8") long and prettily dressed.

She wears a Maori headband and a feather cloak, with pretty matching wings.

All the Fairy Dolls have bendable arms and legs, making them fun for girls to play with.

These Fairy Dolls and Elves make great Christmas Decorations, as each one has a fine gold hang cord, and they make great collectibles as well.  Add to your fairy grotto.  Over the years our creative customers have made fabulous fairy displays, on the wall, as well as incorporating fairy doors, chairs and beds.  

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