NZ Fairies | Huia Fairy 13 cm



The NZ Huia Bird Fairy Doll is a lovely addition to your Fairy Doll collection, or to add to the display on your Christmas tree, shelf or wall.

The Huia Fairy Doll represents New Zealand's now-extinct huia bird.  Revered by Maori, the huia's black and white tail feathers would adorn the heads of rangatira.  This wattlebird had mostly black feathers, except for the white tips of its tail feathers, and orange wattles each side of its beak.

The Huia Fairy Doll is approximately 13cm (5") long and beautifully dressed and detailed.  She has long auburn hair, a Maori headband, orange and black wings, a sparkly red bodice with black sequins, and a black and white skirt.  Her boots are sparkly red.

All the Fairy Dolls have bendable arms and legs, making them fun for kids to play with.

These Fairy Dolls and Elves make great Christmas Decorations, as each one has a fine gold hang cord, and they make great collectibles as well.

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