Nebulous Stars - Night Light Jars



Take your kids into the magical world of self-expression and inspire them to reach for their stars with a little help from Nebulia, Marinia, Petulia, Isadora, Hazelia and Corelia.

With Nebulous Stars, girls can keep calm and be creative at the same time especially when they get their hands on these Night Light Jars that's great for pretend play. With these sparkly lanterns, they can sleep tight with cosmic stardust in their dreams - all it takes is some positivity and a lot of imagination.

Features : 

  • This set of Night Light Jars allows kids to create beautiful bedside light they can decorate on their own
  • Includes 3 small plastic jars, 3 flameless candles, 5 tubes of glitter powder, 100+ stickers, 28 rhinestone stickers, glue, paintbrush, mask stickers, plastic sheets, 3 sparkling ribbons and double-sided tape
  • With colour instructions and Hazelia's story pamphlet
  • For kids age 7 years onwards

Engage your kids in the art of meditation and relaxation whilst helping them explore their artistic side with Nebulous Stars.

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