Nebulous Stars - Magic WaterColour



The Nebulous Stars Magical Watercolour is a gorgeous step by step watercolour painting kit for kids with awesome materials to create watercolour paintings.

The 5 painting bases include guidelines as well as as instructions on how your child can achieve the pictured result, they can of course free paint and come up with their own designs.

Features :

  • Each Nebulous Stars Magical Watercolour Kit contains :
    • 5 paintings with guides to be completed
    • 12 watercolour colors
    • 2 brushes
  • Magically paint 5 beautiful canvases
  • Discover the full story of Marinia, part of the Nebulous Stars story lines.

Nebulous Stars Magical Watercolour will give your kids hours of creative fun.

Ages 7 Years & Up.

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