Mindware - Dig It Up! Minerals And Fossils



A different surprise lies inside each of these clay stones, just waiting to be discovered. Simply chisel away the stone to excavate petrified wood, fool's gold, amethyst, snowflake obsidian and 8 other minerals and fossils. Set includes one dozen individually wrapped clay stones, each with a chiseling tool and instructions it's a perfect activity for groups or parties! Identify and learn about your geologic discoveries with the accompanying Field Guide to Fossils and Minerals.


  • Experience the excitement of discovery like a real palaeontologist as you excavate 12 stones to uncover unique minerals and fossils!
  • Learn how to identify each one using the Field Guide.
  • A field guide is included to learn more about the items you have uncovered.
  • Learn how to identify and classify your findings based on similar characteristics.
  • Soak the 3" clay stone in water, then chisel away to discover each unique gem, fossil, or mineral within! Then rinse off remaining clay for a wild rock collection!
  • Includes: 12 stones, 12 chisel tools, 12 instruction sheets and 1 Field Guide.

Suitable for ages 4 & up

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