Klutz | Sticker Photo Mosaics - Cats & Kittens



Create cool cat mosaics with Sticker Photo Mosaics: Cats & Kittens by Klutz! This is the perfect gift for cat lovers and those who love adorable animals! There are funny cats, cute cats and cool cats. The trendy kit includes hours of fun and everything needed to create awesome mosaics with tiny pictures of cats.

Everything you need to create twelve paw -some cat & kitten photo mosaics! Each mosaic makes one cool cat mosaic made up of tiny square stickers of hundreds of other cats! How cool is that?! It's easy! Pick out a mosaic you would like to create. Then, find the page with the corresponding stickers. Sit back and start sticking to create a purr -fect mosaic masterpiece! Each mosaic is perforated to easily remove and display.


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