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Klutz is a premium brand of book-based activity kits, designed to inspire creativity in every kid. Our unique combination of crystal-clear instructions, custom tools and materials, and hearty helpings of humour is 100% guaranteed to kick-start creativity.
Perfectly polished!
Make every manicure a masterpiece with this complete nail art tool kit.
A book of step-by-step instructions walks you through 25 irresistibly stylish designs, which you can practise and perfect with our special peel-off polish.
The salon-style design tool and stick-on stencils make even the most intricate-looking designs totally achievable.

Make magical manicures with:

- Klutz custom dotting tool

- 6 colours of practise peel-off polish.

- 250+ stick-on stencils.

With 60 pages of detailed instructions and brightly-coloured images, you will learn the techniques needed to create whimsically designed nails.

Start with the basics as Klutz walks you through how to prep and paint your nails. Then learn how to use the custom dotting tool, which you will use to make dots, lines, and shapes. Once you walk through the basics, you will learn step-by-step instructions for each colourful design.
Throughout the book, you will also find helpful tips on how to avoid common problems, and suggestions on how to customise your works of art.

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