High Performance Stomp Rocket with 6 Rockets



The most exciting flight toy in years.

Air Powered Rockets!

No Batteries or Fuel Required!

Jump on the STOMP PAD for a giant blast of air, to propel the STOMP ROCKET up to 400 feet!

The harder the stomp, the greater the performance.

It will blow you away!

Ready to fly in minutes.

Adjustable Launcher.

The STOMP ROCKET design delivers the ultimate in air-rocket fun. The reusable rockets and durable Stomp Launch Pad, provide phenomenal launches over and over again. Distance and targeting games to be played with the STOMP ROCKET are limited only by your imagination.

People of all ages are amazed and fascinated by spectacular STOMP ROCKET flights. Once you try it, you're hooked.

The ORIGINAL STOMP ROCKET includes adjustable launch assembly stand, six (6) reusable Rockets, each with a soft vinyl tip for the safety of everyone, yet individual responsibility and / or parental supervision is also required.

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