Frozen Treat Truck - Cobi



Cobi Penquins 26172 Ice Cream Truck, based on the movie The Penguins of Madagascar.

There is nothing better in a hot day than a scoop of delicious ice cream.

You can choose any flavour you like. But who would like to stand in a long line?

Surely not the Penguins who decided to steal this vehicle full of treats.

The box contains 180 blocks which you can use to build a model of this unique vehicle from the film.

180 blocks

2 figure

Easy to follow instruction manual

Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks

Model dimensions(length x width x height): 155mm x 78mm x 150mm


Pieces: 180

Figures: 2

Age: 5+


Cobi - Interlocking blocks - build your own adventure.

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