Firefox - Hand Launch Foam Glider



The original Firefox Glider is a flexible, strong and versatile glider that flies up to 75 feet! Head outside, launch your Firefox Glider by hand and watch it fly. Capable of long flights and cool stunts, this durable glider can be launched again and again!
Your Firefox Glider is made of white EPO Foam with a black canopy and featuring star decals and the Firefox logo. This easy to assemble plane requires absolutely no tools, glue or tape! It consists of three main parts: the body frame, a main wing and a tail. Simply slip the wing and tail snuggly into the pre-cut slots, and you're ready to fly!

  • Firefox hand glider is perfect for the back yard, front yard and parks
  • It will glide for over 75 feet
  • Made of EPO foam, which is very flexible, makes it almost indestructible
  • Careful use should yield hours and hours of flying fun
  • No Glue or Tape Required
  • Weight: 2.3 oz
  • Wingspan: 21.75 inches
Suitable Age 6+

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