Djeco - Glitter Boards - Cleo Pop And Rock


$18.00 $36.00

A sophisticated art set with a fabulous amount of glitter (do we hear you groan?! Stay with us, and read on).

There are four striking portraits to decorate with 7 shimmering hues. Peel off the protective layer to reveal the sticky areas on the card and apply the glitter.

The careful design of this kit keep the activity (and hopefully any potential mess) contained in the sturdy box, which has a small hole in one corner for draining excess glitter back into the tube after application.

Kit comes in attractive storage box and contains 4 picture boards, 7 tubes of glitter, 1 tool, 1 paintbrush and instruction booklet. Makes eye-catching dramatic wall art for the bedroom. 

Djeco recommend for older children aged 9 - 15 years. 

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