Djeco - French Knitting Doll - Red Elodie



French Knitting in style by Djeco! This gorgeous French Knitting doll goes by the name of Elodie. Her dress is beautifully painted in red and white and she wears a regal gold crown.

Use her to create fabulous coloured knitted cords that can then be used to enhance any craft project that you have in mind.

Each kit contains: Red Elodie traditional French Knitting Doll

  • 3 balls of coloured wool to get you started (3 x 22m) and a clearly Illustrated instruction booklet.
  • Perfect! Suitable for ages 7 to 12 years.

These are a blast from the past, but the new updated Djeco knitting doll Elodie is so much nicer than than a cotton reel and nails.

Elodie is beautifully designed and comes with loads of wool and an instruction booklet to learn how to French knit.

Packaged in its own box.

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