Discover Science - Forensic Science Kit



Forensic Science - Just like CSI - Find the vital evidence and crack the case!
Pre teens will be forensic scientists by dusting for fingerprints, analysing handwriting, examining hair and fibre evidence, tracing secret documents with ink chromatography, making plaster casts of shoes, determining the identity an unknown white powder… and heaps more!

  • Features: Cast prints and match pattern evidence to suspects shoes. Create a fingerprint database and learn how to lift and analyse a mystery print. Extract your own DNA. Use chromatography to analyse and identify different inks.
  • Includes: 2x bags of plaster of paris, 2x plastic cups, Vial of commercial baker's starch, Vial of graphite powder, Paintbrush, Dropper pipette, Disposable gloves, Chromatography paper, 2x test tubes, Magnifier, Full colour booklet with photo storyboard instructions

The forensic skills learnt are then use to solve the “Talent-Napped Mystery” challenge!
Forensics is a science revolutionising law and police work. 21st Century detective work happens in the lab, and there is a lab inside this box!
17 experiments!

Ages 8 and up

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