Discover Science - Chemistry Chaos



The kit includes all the main scientific equipment required for the experiments. Other materials will be required but these are easily obtained from a supermarket or pharmacy.

There is a colour Chemistry Chaos Instruction Booklet with 51 pages including clear instructions, fun facts and suggestions for further experiments. Each experiment has a results section which explains the observations.

  • Some of the experiments included with this kit are: Matter Natter, It's a Gas, Make Your Own Volcano, Lava Candy, Sizzling Sherbert, Making Slime and more
  • Includes: Safety Goggles (Goggles for supervising adult not included), Vinyl Gloves (single pair), 2x transfer pipettes, Small vial, Wooden stirrer, Balloon, Plastic spoon, 2x 100ml plastic cups, 2x 10ml granulated tubes, Filter paper, 2x Bicarbonate of soda sachet, Sachet of red-dyed vinegar, Mono Ammonium Phosphate sachet, Sodium Tetraborate sachet, Magic flower pack.
Ages 10 Years & Up.

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