CollectA | Spanish Fighting Bull 88803



CollectA Spanish Fighting Bull 
CollectA Model 88803 
Product Dimensions: 16 x 4 x 10 cm 
Age: 3 years and up 

Spanish Fighting Bulls, also known as Toros bravos or just "brave bulls", are a breed of cattle that are famous for their strength, speed, and aggressiveness. These bulls are used in bullfighting, a traditional spectacle in Spain and other countries, where they are pitted against matadors who try to show their skill by dodging and performing tricks with the bulls.

Spanish Fighting Bulls have muscular bodies and sharp horns, which make them formidable opponents. They are also known for their distinctive black coat and white face, which adds to their fierce appearance. While bullfighting is a controversial practice, Spanish Fighting Bulls remain an important part of Spanish culture and a symbol of strength and courage. 

Hand painted and highly detailed.
Made of durable vinyl.

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