CollectA | Humpback Whale Calf 88963



CollectA Humpback Whale Calf 

The CollectA Humpback Whale Calf is a great model of the beautiful, baby-giant sea creature. It is painted predominantly dark grey-blue with a lighter underbelly and pectoral fin tips, and its sleek body features many wrinkle-like scars, as well as lines, or ventral pleats and grooves under its jaw. 

It is sculpted swimming, making it easy to imagine the crystal clear waters as it glides under the waves. This baby whale figurine is perfect for imaginative ocean play, or to enjoy some water play with some other marine creatures. 

NZ release July 2022 
CollectA 88963 
Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 3.5 cm 
Hand painted and highly detailed. 

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