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The Mary Lou Doll has been sold in New Zealand since 1940 and is still a very popular present.  The oldest Mary Lou's we've seen were produced in a  pale pink dress with some in pale mint colour.  Red and blue dress versions of the dolls were produced from around 1980.

Mary Lou sports a vibrant pink dress in the 52 * 7 minute animated series of Buzzy Bee & friends.  She's the town mechanic (and slightly bossy older sister type).

The toy doll is now produced in a vibrant pink dress.

It was lovely to see her take the eye of young Prince George on his visit to NZ in 2014!

And please let your littles see Buzzy Bee and friends for free on Youtube.  Just go to:  

Youtube: Buzzybeeandfriends

Mary Lou looks after everyone in Rolling Downs.

She lives above her workshop and fixs lots of things that break.

She create lots of fun games for everyone to play and with Buzzy’s help everyone joins in. Quite often people need Mary Lou to solve their problems, especially dearest Oscar, who she loves helping.

Mary Lou is kept very busy repairing everyone’s wheels and bits and pieces but she never misses morning tea, that’s too much fun.

Dorable often brings a lovely cake and Driver Don sometimes brings lovely fruit in the back of his truck. "Oops I think that’s a knock at the door, back to work….bye!"

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