Buzzy Bee & Friends | Driver Don - Pull Along



Driver Don is a wooden pull-along toy that has him bobbing up and down as you pull him along.

He is the delivery man in the 52 episodes of Buzzy Bee and friends available for free on:

Youtube:  Buzzybeeandfriends

Hello there, I’m Driver Don and I love my truck.

I love its red colour. I love steering and accelerating and tooting my horn.

I live at the truck stop in Rolling Downs. It’s a great place. I love doing deliveries in Rolling Downs. One of my favourite things to do is to drive over the swing bridge. Up and down Rolling Down’s bobbing as I go.

I deliver all sorts of things and I don’t like being late, it makes me cross.

Actually some of the folks think I’m a bit gruff, and fair play, I can get a bit scratchy but I really don’t mean any harm. Like the time I got covered in the ducklings kite and they all thought I was a monster! Or when I got covered in paint…blimey.

But I do love that young whipper snapper Trikey, he’s a tiger on his trike alright….I really do miss him if he’s away for the day. We have lots of fun together. Now, there’s deliveries to make so I must away…Te ra for now.

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