Buzzy Bee & Friends - Dorable Duck - Pull Along



Dorable Duck is the motherly figure in the 52 episodes of Buzzy Bee and friends available for free on:

Youtube: Buzzybeeandfriends

Hello my little poppets, I’m Dorable Duck and the mother of my three adorable little ducklings. I am just so proud of them. They won the grand parade last year. They were just so clever and we had so much fun making new flags from the one we’d used the previous year!

We live in the giant willow tree near the river in Rolling Downs. My ducklings are my darlings and we have such fun playing games and having adventures. They are so well behaved….. (though they do cause me abit of worry at times…like the time one of them took off in a hot air balloon!).

But mostly they are a great help to me. And they love my cooking! I do love to cook. Especially my rotten seaweed cheese cake I bake specially for Elle-Gator. And my special surprise pizza. They all end up loving it once Oscar takes the first mouthful!

I am very busy cooking, cleaning, sewing, walking, (aside) well actually wheeling, washing, teaching, tidying and all those other domestic duties one has to tend to, as one does. And one day I even took over as host of Rolling Downs Radio. Now that was lots of fun. Now, must dash…I’ve something in the oven which I’m sure my ducklings will love, bye for now!

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