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Genuine Buzzy Bee wooden pull-along toy. It clicks as you pull it along. New Zealand's number 1 kiwi icon and a toy that children have enjoyed for close on 80 years. An ideal birthday or Christmas gift for young girls and boys. This is not a teething toy so supervision for children under 3 years old is recommended (as stated on the packaging).

And please let your littles see Buzzybee and friends on Youtube.  Its free - just go to:

Youtube:  Buzzybeeandfriends

Buzzy Bee lives in the Rolling Downs radio station on the hill.  He's the host of Rolling Downs Radio and he loves it when you buzz him with stories.  When you call the flower aerial on top of his radio station tells him he has a caller!

It’s in the radio station that he runs his show, check out his sound-mixing desk. Its full of buttons and levers that let him adjust the sound and the pictures that he receive when you buzz in.

Rolling Downs is a wee country village partway between Walkland and Wheelington.  It is full of rolling pathways.   The Rolling Downs river flows through the middle and Only Tree Hill looks down over the whole village.  Buzzy Bee's wheeler friends Driver Don, Trikey Tom, Elle-Gator and Dorable Duck and her family all came there from Wheelington.  His  walker friends Oscar Ostrich and Mary Lou came from Walkland. 

They have lots of fun there as they help each other out and each day they all get together for morning or afternoon tea at the Grand Rotunda and share their stories and adventures.

Buzzy Bee knows as a wooden bee that he should be able to fly really well right?  Well, actually, he can’t…and he can’t even land very smoothly!

But guess what….he's got his own band in Rolling Downs.  Its called the Buzzy City Rollers.  He's the drum player.   Buzzy Bee hopes you get a chance to listen to some of their best hits!

And Buzzy Bee's favourite saying when he has to go....Buzzy bye for now….

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