Battat - Rain & Shine Bath Bar


Let the fun flow! Fill the sink and turn the faucet. Pour water into the funnel and watch the water mill go 'round and 'round. Use the scoop to catch those imaginary fish…
  • 7 pieces: One of the best bath toys out there, with 6 removable pieces for bath time fun.
  • 2 suction cups: holds the bath bar tight on the bath wall.
  • Water & sand: splash around the bath or bring it outside in the pool or in the sandbox.
  • Squeeze bee: the little bee squirts water and sits atop the flower.
  • Open and lock the faucet: turn the knob under the flower to see the water come down and turn again to shut it.
  • Wheel spins: pour water on the bird to see the wheel spin around.
  • Textures & features: kids will love the soft textures and bumpy features.
Recommended Age 1+ Year

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