A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies & Other Such Collective Nouns - Kate Hursthouse



Have you ever seen a smack of jellyfish, a dazzle of zebras or a glimmer of dragonflies?

Calligrapher and illustrator Kate Hursthouse has been getting her collective noun on, exploding the pages of her new book A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies & other such collective nouns with the riches of our language and her imagination combined.

With her vibrant illustrations Kate takes us on a journey to meet 25 of our planet’s most fabulous, colourful creatures complete with their wonderful, wacky group names. 

Language and illustration combine playfully to introduce young readers to the bounty of nature; a loveliness of lady bugs anyone?
Kate is a New Zealand-based artist who loves to paint, draw and turn words into art. Her favourite animals are tigers, but she’s not sure she would like to meet an ambush of them!

When she is not hard at it creating things, Kate can be found drinking tea and playing her guitar.

Mostly though, she is busy championing a renaissance in the art of calligraphy and making her mark on our cities with large-scale hand-painted murals. Commercial clients include Karen Walker, Lululemon, Spark NZ, Laneway Festival, TedxAuckland and Auckland City Council. She is also an Ambassador for Pilot Pens New Zealand.

In 2017, Kate established Scribble Me This, a boutique design studio focussed on custom hand- lettered and typographic brand-identities. 

Kate also hosts hand-lettering and calligraphy workshops.
This is her first children’s book

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