4M - KidzLabz - Dino World Paint & Play



PAINT AND CREATE: Get creative as you pick and paint your favourite dinosaur to use as your game piece. Then work together to paint a unique volcano for the highlight and finish of your game board.
MORE THAN A BOARD GAME: Use your custom painted volcano for an exciting science experiment and create a table-top volcano
FUN FACTS, EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, AND CUSTOM COLOUR GUIDE: Step-by-step illustrated colour guide details for painting, volcano experiment, game play, and a colour mixing guide for added creativity.
RACE TO THE VOLCANO: Every roll of the dice could move you closer, or further away from your end goal of reaching the volcano. Which dino will finish first?
INCLUDED IN KIT: Dice, paint brush, paint strip (green, blue, white, yellow, and red) dinosaur figurines, game board, illustrated instructions, and volcano mold.

Required for volcano but not included: large flat tray, baking soda, vinegar, dish washing detergent, food colouring, teaspoon. Adult permission and assistance required.

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