4M | Kidz Labs - Octopus Robotic Claw


PULL THE TRIGGER: Discover the mechanisms that make the claw work. Learn how the end cap legs, gripper arm, and hub move together to grip or release an object.
WHAT CAN YOU GRAB?: The gripper arms work together just like the arms of an octopus! See what household items you can grip and grab. Small or large, round or square, soft or firm. Can you pick up an apple or a kitchen sponge?
FUN FACTS: Easy to understand and follow illustrated instructions as well as Fun Facts that explain how this basic mechanism inspired the design for industrial robots and grapples.
THE CLAW COMES IN HANDY: Help out around the house when someone needs something off a high shelf, or your dog loses his bone under the couch
INCLUDED IN KIT: Handle, shaft, grip, hub, gripper arm (3), trigger, end cap, collar, washer screw, screws (4). NOT INCLUDED: Small Phillips head screwdriver.

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