4M | Kidz Labs - Electro Buzz Pirate Treasure Hunt Game


STEADY HAND REQUIRED: Dig out treasures with the electric hook you assemble. The steadiest hand that digs out the most treasures wins the game.
LEARN ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS AND SWITCHES: The battery, switch, buzzer, pin, and spring complete an electrical circuit. Connecting the hook acts as an extra switch.
HOW TO PLAY: Position the treasures in the game board, determining the difficulty by the direction of the treasure. Spin the selector to start the game. The goal is to pick up all the treasures pointed at by the spinner without the dread BUZZ of the hook. The player that gets the most treasures wins.
INCLUDES WITH GAME: Circuit board, pirate hook, wand, spinner, spinner base, peg (4), terminal caps (4), battery case cover, screw, treasure map, treasure selector, pirate figurine, treasures sticker, and treasures card. ALSO REQUIRED: Small Phillips head screwdriver and one (1) AAA (1.5 Volt) battery.

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