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This science project really flies - up to 80 feet! Who knew being green could be so fun? Blast off to physics fun! Find a recycled drink bottle and a recycled magazine and you're on your way to assembling a cool, fully-functioning rocket! 

Just follow the detailed instructions and learn some fun facts. You'll automatically learn a thing or two about physics and construction. You can't help but learn something in the process- and the fun facts included will extend your knowledge of rocketry in general.
You will need to add a few parts to make the rocket complete - you'll find most of them in this kit. (Rocket & fin templates, foam heads, a launch tube with stand, and basic hardware are included.) Gather a few household items for easy assembly (2 recycled bottles, a recycled magazine, screwdriver, tape and scissors). 
Everything accounted for? Put everything in place - then clear some space for lift-off! This rocket is a great green science project.
  • This science project really flies - up to 80 feet!
  • Learn about physics while assembling an earth-friendly air-powered rocket
  • Facilitates interest in physics and construction
Ages 5+ Years

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