Sylvanian Families - Cupboard With Oven



If you are short of space in your nest, then this this set comes with a wall cabinet which holds a small but nifty white oven.

There is also plenty of crockery including two cups and two saucers, in pretty pink and blue. A baking tray, a baked dish and a mouth watering bunny and bear cookie are included to encourage a Sylvanian Families mother and daughter to get baking together on a Sunday afternoon. If you do not have room for a larger oven in your den, or you want a flexible kitchen where lots of Sylvanians can make food at once, then his yummy set will fill your Sylvanians' tummies in no time.

  • Contents: a wall cabinet with white oven, 2 cups, 1 baking tray, 1 baked dish, bunny and bear cookies, and other accessories
  • Number of pieces: Over 10 pieces
  • Good for stimulating imaginative role-play in children
  • Figure is not Included
  • 5032
Suitable For Age 3+Years
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