Klutz - Grow Your Own Crystal Mini Worlds



Grow your own magical mini worlds while exploring the science of minerals and crystal formation! Each kit includes materials needed to create 3 different dazzling projects: a dragon's cave, a unicorn's forest, and a seahorse's coral reef. You'll enchant your family and friends with your rainbow creations!

  • Age: 8+
  • Item no: 27123
  • Product dimensions: 23 x 21 x 3 cm
  • Content: 48-page book of instructions and inspiration, 3 mini figurines, crystal powder, air-dry clay (4 colours), 3 display stands, 38 paper punch-outs, glitter, 4 pipe cleaners, 4 dye tablets, 2 craft sticks, Nylon thread (1m), glue
  • Learn the science of crystal
  • Shape unique crystal designs with pipe cleaners
  • Learn chemistry with a hands-on s.T.E.M. Experience
  • Customize your crystal worlds with 38 paper punch outs and then display them on the included stands
  • If the clay dries out, add few drops of water to it. Knead the wet clay until it softens up. If he clay feels to wet, leave it to dry for few minutes

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