Juicy The Peach And The Popcorn Palaver - Anna Theed



STEP aside Mary Poppins, you have been trumped by Juicy the Peach; a sitter who knows how to get kids on side with her scrumptious plans, irrepressible charm … and … ahem … flatulence.

Sweeping in with her strawberry helmet, fruity spectacles and twinkly-eyed smile, Juicy manages to win over her charges with a mix of toilet humour, heaps of kindness and spectacular popcorn explosions.

The first in a series, Juicy the Peach & the Popcorn Palaver is a lyrical, light-hearted story full of humour and heart.

A go-to book for adventurous children, Juicy has a knack for helping the most anxious among them realise time away from mum and dad can be okay – if only they can be brave for a day.

Juicy the Peach is brought vividly to life by NZ illustrator and animator Antony Elworthy, lauded for his stellar work on Hollywood blockbusters The Boxtrolls, Frankenweenie, Coraline and Corpse Bride.

Elworthy’s images colourfully and charmingly underscore writer Anna Theed’s musical and hilarious story, which will be a pleasure for readers of bedtime tales to share.

Theed and Elworthy have four children apiece, so plenty of opportunity to test ideas and see what really makes them tick.

Currently busy animating in Portland, USA, Elworthy and his family love their nomadic existence and the chance it gives them to see the world, but look forward to returning to Christchurch later this year.

Theed, an avid bookworm and entrepreneur, lives on Waiheke Island with her vineyard manager husband, Sam.

 “With four kids under my belt, I have an even better understanding of what appeals to children, what makes them smile, laugh, feel uncertain, shy,” beamed Anna.

“Combining these elements evolved from going through various challenging stages with the kids – from hospitalisation for rare operable conditions, to extreme shyness, to great, giggling, fun times.

“There is a message in Juicy the Peach to try and encourage kids to take a chance, be brave and have faith that things will be okay, even when mum’s away.”

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