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Our skeleton is a vital part of how we move and live our lives, but we don't get to see it very often!
With the Kidzlabs Human Skeleton kit, you'll get to make your own plaster model of a human skeleton using moulds. The model will show you how the skeleton supports our bodies and how your bones connect.
In this special kit, you'll also receive x-ray films that appear to let you see through your skin to your bones! As well as shaped magnets so you can create your own skeleton wall chart. Paint the bones in your model with the included glow-in-the-dark paint and make it a spooky display in any room.

Parts Included:

  • Skeleton mould trays x 2
  • X-ray films x 3
  • Skeleton wall chart
  • Fine plaster powder x 2
  • Paint brush
  • Glow paint
  • Shaped magnets
  • Instructions
Suitable Age 8+

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